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I am sure that most people have felt the desire to be rich at some point in their lives. But the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank; what matters is your perception of wealth. If you don’t think that you are wealthy, how much money comes into your account every month doesn’t matter! You’ll continually strive for more. However, there are many things you can do with the money that you already have to start feeling wealthy and abundant right now! In this article, we will look at 18 simple ways you can feel rich on a budget.



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Our definition of “feeling rich”

Feeling rich is a little bit of a nebulous concept. To some people, it means always having the latest and greatest technology. For others, feeling rich is about surrounding yourself with expensive items that you can show off to your friends when they visit. Still, money does not matter for other people–they only want to feel like a “somebody.”

In my mind, there are few things that contribute to a feeling of wealth and abundance that do not necessarily involve having an endless supply of money. These include:

  • Generally feeling safe and secure in your finances to take care of daily expenses and any emergencies that may arise.
  • Having the freedom to pursue your passions and interests. (This may or may not include buying things!)
  • Being able to give back to others, either monetarily or through service/time.

You might be able to identify with one of these examples more than another. But without further ado…here are 18 ways to feel rich on a budget!

18 Simple Ways to Feel Rich on a Budget

1. Live without debt

Debt creates stress and anxiety, and it can sometimes feel like a runaway train that you cannot stop or slow down. One of the best ways to feel rich is by not having any debt hanging over your head because it gives you control of your money and allows for freedom in pursuing other aspects of the feel-rich plan! It may take a bit of time to become entirely debt-free, but simply having a debt repayment plan can be pretty empowering.

2. Be grateful for what you have right now

Instead of focusing on the new car, home, or vacation that you feel like you “need,” focus on what makes life truly remarkable–and it might not be material things! Be grateful for your health, family, and friends. The more we feel rich in our relationships and experiences with others, the less we will feel a desire to spend money on objects/things that may ultimately leave us feeling empty inside (or worse yet…in even more financial debt!).

3. Make time for a hobby or passion project

One of the best ways to feel abundant is doing something you love, such as a creative hobby or time-consuming interest. Not everyone will feel this way about their jobs…if you do not feel passionate about what your employer pays you to do daily, it can feel like nothing more than just “work” instead of a fulfilling experience that contributes to happiness. It’s essential to find work for which we care deeply and feel grateful. And when we discover passions/hobbies outside of working hours (and yes, these things may even contribute to the overall success of your career), we’re likely going to feel richer!

how to feel rich on a budget - hobbies

4. Make high-quality purchases

It’s wise to buy quality items, even if they are more expensive. You can feel richer on a budget when you buy the right things that last for longer–like choosing high-quality clothing or shoes made from materials that will ensure comfort and durability instead of disposable fashion pieces! This way, you won’t feel you’re draining your wallet every other month simply because something new has come into style that was cheap enough to purchase without much thought.

5. Stroll through an art gallery or museum

Going to art galleries & museums is another “feel-wealthy” activity that does not necessarily cost money (although some museums may charge you to get in). Taking time out of our busy schedules to visit an art gallery or museum can be a great way to feel richer on any budget–mainly because many people will feel inspired by the beauty and knowledge displayed within them. This inspiration makes us feel like we are gaining something rather than spending money for nothing more than entertainment purposes…and who could complain about feeling rich when surrounded by beautiful paintings, sculptures, and other works of art!                             

6. Save some money each month

 It’s important to develop the habit of saving money. You can save for a rainy day, or you could set up an account that automatically transfers some income each month into your savings (or retirement) fund. Saving is like putting away “money in the bank” for future use–so it’s important to feel rich by not spending all of our earnings every single month! It also helps you feel secure knowing that you have enough to cater to any financial surprises.

7. Create a budget

Many of us don’t need that much money–we think we do because there are always new things around every corner. Remember that you can live comfortably without having everything brand-new all the time, which means taking a long hard look at your finances! Make a list of wants versus needs and prioritize spending based on this list for an easier way out when feeling broke. It might help to make changes such as getting rid of cable TV or other luxury costs that aren’t necessary.

8. Take care of yourself

One way to feel richer on any budget is to take good care of ourselves by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly to treat our bodies well. Take pride in what makes each one of us unique–and work towards being the best version possible! Treating ourselves kindly, working hard at our passions, staying mindful about how we spend our time and money… these things can all lead up to feeling more fulfilled and satisfied with our direction throughout this journey called life!

how to feel rich on a budget - self care

9. Treat yourself to simple pleasures!

You can also create a feeling of abundance by treating yourself to some small luxuries without breaking the bank. It might be a bubble bath or new pair of fluffy socks–the possibilities are endless! The key is picking out little things which feel indulgent and luxurious but won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Treating ourselves every once in a while will help us feel more affluent and appreciative for all we have accomplished so far with our lives.

10. Buy dupes or more affordable options

Buying dupes is a personal choice, but feel-rich living doesn’t always have to mean buying the latest and greatest objects.  New “trends” frequently replace many of the current new ones in just a few months! You can save money by replacing your favourite lipstick or mascara with dupes from brands such as NYX Cosmetics that are much more affordable (and often work better than high-end cosmetics).

11. Prepare gourmet meals for no reason

It’s important to splurge and enjoy yourself on occasion–and this includes the food we eat. One feel-rich living tip is to prepare gourmet meals without having a special event or reason for doing so (e.g., no birthday celebration). Sometimes all it takes are some great recipes, fresh ingredients, and good company to feel abundant!

12. Set the table for dinner

If you feel like cooking at home, try setting the table rather than just throwing your dinner on a plate or in a bowl. You can even use cloth napkins to set the scene for a feel-rich living–and it only takes an extra minute! Setting your dinner table something small that will make you feel richer…even if it’s just because of the mood lighting when eating dinner by candlelight with good conversation and great company!

13. Avoid clutter and keep your home organized

Too much clutter can make anyone feel overwhelmed and broke. Whether you’re trying to save money or not, we all need to avoid drowning in a sea of mess! Get rid of the things that no longer serve you (or sell them), get creative about storage space (e.g., using ottomans as extra seating!), and stay on top of your belongings by putting everything away after use. Decluttering your spaces will help contribute towards feelings of abundance and being in control. Plus, what better way to feel rich than to have a clean and inviting home!

14. Fully stock your home supplies before you need them

Another feel-rich living tip is to keep your home well-stocked with items you use regularly. If there are specific products that you find yourself constantly running out of or having to purchase, buy these in bulk, so they never run out before it’s time for a new shipment! One way to make sure your pantry isn’t ever running low on supplies is by fully stocking up on everything at least one month before the next grocery trip. This way, you don’t have to worry about being caught off guard and can enjoy life knowing that you’ll have what you need right around the corner.

15. Live in the moment

Being fully present is a feel-rich tip that applies to all of us–not just those who are struggling financially! There’s no point in worrying about tomorrow because there will be new things to worry about then when it comes. Living in the moment without looking unnecessarily too far into the future or dwelling on past regrets is important to feeling wealthy. If you’re feeling stressed out because something didn’t work out as planned, take some time for yourself and relax before getting back into it again later (and perhaps trying another solution!).

how to feel rich on a budget - present

16. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures

The feel-rich plan does not always require spending money to make you feel more abundant or rich! Learn how to enjoy the simpler things in life, like taking a long walk with your significant other/child/pet dog, biking through nature, etc. These are free activities that can also increase our happiness levels and give us an opportunity for some “quality time” away from technology (e.g., computer screens).

17. Be grateful & generous toward others  

One way to feel richer is by giving back–whether it be monetarily or through service. It doesn’t matter what kind of contribution we’re making so much as simply doing something positive for someone who may need it more than we do! Contributing to the feel-rich plan is all about being generous and sharing our wealth, whether in time, energy, or money.

It’s essential to practice random acts of kindness because this makes someone else feel good and boosts self-esteem for those who are serving/served!

18. Get off social media  

These days it’s easy for us to get caught up in our smartphones checking Facebook, Twitter, etc., which means missing opportunities for genuine human interaction. It’s essential to put down the phone once in a while (maybe even turn it off!) and instead spend time with family, friends, or even yourself! There’s more richness to life than what we often see on our social media feeds, so be sure to use it and take some time away from it to appreciate the real thing.


When it comes down to it, many aspects of our lives make us feel good about ourselves without having anything materialistic at all! We should appreciate these aspects, such as feeling healthy and living in a warm home with friends and family. Sometimes, feel-rich living isn’t about spending money–it’s simply the act of being grateful for what we already have in our lives instead of focusing on what we do not currently possess!

By following these simple feel-rich living tips, you’ll be on the path to a life full of abundance and meaning. Remember what makes life truly valuable: health, family & friends!

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Ever feel like money just seems to slip through your fingers month after month? Our Monthly Budget Tracker will guide you to start making the most of every dollar. It’s a game changer—get it free for a limited time!

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